Monthly Retainer:

Tuhin & Partners provides a retainer agreement monthly to any corporate customer desiring long-term and recurrent legal counsel. Companies and businesses that need legal advice, contracts drafted and reviewed, and/or help to stay in compliance with the law might benefit significantly from retaining legal counsel on a retainer basis. However, court proceedings are not one of them. A monthly retainer is an excellent way for businesses to get essential legal protection. We customize our retainers for each client’s unique company since we understand that each client may have particular demands for their retainer. In addition, charges under a retainer agreement are substantially lower than if you hired the lawyers who provided the services separately.

Consultancy, Litigation, and Arbitration:

We charge a flat rate for the majority of our legal services. Depending on the type of work, the payment may come all at once or in installments. Facts, law, and complexity determine our fees.

Miscellaneous Expenses:

We reserve the right to charge you for incidental costs, including legal expenses, charges, travel, Etc.

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