Governments all around the globe are pursuing new sources of revenue, and crisis-related reorganizations provide new and challenging difficulties for tax planning and dispute resolution. We are familiar with the legal complexities of Bangladesh's tax policy. Our firm has extensive experience in the areas of Transfer Pricing, Income Tax, VAT, Tax Procedures, Tax Tribunal Filings, Customs and Excise Laws, Capital Gains, and Corporate Tax.

We at TUHIN & PARTNERS have created an ability to design, implement, and defend tax planning structures because we understand the commercial and legal complexities of taxes, particularly when it includes overseas assets. We're experts in direct and indirect taxation, transfer pricing, and dispute resolution. Our devoted specialists are up to date on new tax laws, procedures, and dispute resolution approaches and can assist in the design, implementation, and defense of tax strategies for foreign operations and transactions. We also provide guidance on tax exemptions, tax returns and assessments, VAT, income tax, and other taxes and charges.

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